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Jurnal Komunikasi : Malaysian Journal of Communication

Jurnal Komunikasi : Malaysian Journal of Communication

Verified Index Papers -- 46214 Views: 8251

Jurnal Komunikasi Nusantara

Jurnal Komunikasi Nusantara, kemudian disingkat JKN, diterbitkan oleh Unitri Press Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi. Jurnal Komunikasi Nusantara adalah jurnal nasional yang…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 658

Dakwatuna: Journal of Da'wah and Islamic Communication

DAKWATUNA: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi Islam, is a scientific journal, which publishes scientific articles of the developments of thinking and…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 480

Journal of Press Research and Development Communication

Open access high quality peer-reviewed journal. Managed by ministry of Communication and Informatics Technology of Republics Indonesia

Unverified Index Papers -- 10 Views: 649

Journal of Komunike

JURNAL KOMUNIKE (E-ISSN: 2597-9310 / P-ISSN: 2086-3349) : Journal of Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Islam is a journal of the Islamic…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 835

NARADA Design and Art Journal

Narada: Jurnal Desain dan Seni (E-ISSN 2621-5233 P-ISSN 2477-5134) diterbitkan oleh Fakultas Desain dan Seni Kreatif, Universitas Mercu Buana. Jurnal…

Unverified Index Papers -- 98 Views: 1180

IJNS - Indonesian Journal on Networking and Security

Journal ini aalah publikasi dibidang Jaringan Komunikasi Data dan Keamanan Sistem

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 2472

Časopis za ekonomiju i tržišne komunikacije-EMC Review-Journal for Economics and Marketing Communications

5. EMC- Economy and Market Communication Review- Prof dr Zorka Grandov is appointed as the chief editor, journal will be…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 3674

Asy-Syir'ah: Jurnal Ilmu Syari'ah dan Hukum

ASY-SYIR’AH merupakan jurnal ilmiah dan media komunikasi ilmiah antar peminat ilmu syari’ah dan hukum. ASY-SYIR’AH mengundang para peminat dan ahli…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 1569

Buletin Pos dan Telekomunikasi

Buletin Pos dan Telekomunikasi a.k.a Bulletin of Posts and Telecommunications is scientific communication media aims to be a internationally peer-reviewed…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 2522
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