Vivomatografías. Revista de estudios sobre precine y cine silente en Latinoamérica

Vivomatografías. Revista de estudios sobre precine y cine silente en Latinoamérica, edited by the Núcleo de Estudios de Precine y Cine Silente Latinoamericano, is an annual, peer reviewed and open access publication focused on disseminating the most recent studies on precinematography and silent cinema in Latin America It was born with the aim of stimulating the academic production around this period traditionally relegated by regional historiography. Focusing on the experience of the firs audiences with moving pictures, the title of the publication pays tribute to the "vivomatógrafo", the first projector that arrived in Argentina -an invention of the Englishman Robert William Paul- and to the "grafias" of the new researchers, that will contribute to the journal


Keywords: Early Latin American Cinema, Latin American precinema, Early Latin American Visual Culture

ISSN: 2469-0767


Subject: Arts in general

Publisher: Núcleo de Estudios sobre Precine y Cine Silente Latinoamericano

Year: 2015

Country: Argentina

Views: 1943 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 17

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