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Features and possibilities of manageme nt of explosive obje

Arbitrary explosive object is considered as the object of control. Different ways and possibilities for control ofexplosive objects are studied

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Parametrical identification of standard spectral density of casual processes by estimation of their mean square frequ

In the article the method for estimation of stochastic processes parameters, which does not require the procedure of parametric optimization…

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Management of a flour grinding process: analysis of quality indicators changes of raw materials as casual proc ess

Processes of quality indicators change of raw materials before processing and cleaning at the operating flour - grinding enterprise as…

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SAC of vegetable oils purification process from wax: increase of regulation algorithms efficiency

The features are considered and the block diagram of vegetable oils clearing process from waxs as control object is developed.…

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Development of a hydraulic system imitating model by an industrial bucket stopper management of the car of continuous molding of prep

The simulation model of hydraulic system for continuous casting machine mold with stopper dosing mechanism is considered in this paper.

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Information technology for modeling of systems with logical actuation device

Now the important scientific and technical challenge is to create new means of simulation of automatic control systems , especially…

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Statistical diagnostics of operating process of sugar factory evaporator plant

The results of using statistical methods for in creasing diagnostic efficiency of sugar factory evaporation station are shown. Since the…

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Temperature monitoring system of grain in elevators and granaries

n the course of storage in grain continuously there are the physical and biochemical reactions, being accompanied allocation of heat…

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Pneumatics in water technologies – optimization of technological processes

Pneumatics in water technologies – optimization of technological processes

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Development of the stand for research of con trol modes by technological processing of biopolymers of a phytogenesis by the air enriched with ozone

Considered different ways of synthesis ozone in electrical discharges. Designed and assembled laboratory stand for studies of the impact of…

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