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Importance of Home Hospitalization in the Chronic Respiratory Patient

Estamos asistiendo a un gran desarrollo de los programas de Hospitalización a Domicilio en nuestro país, ya que son numerosos…

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Development of a Mobile Application for Nutritional Evaluation

Introduction: the use of so-called mobile applications is revolutionizing the way of working in clinical practice. Although, it is currently…

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Outcomes of home parenteral nutrition in adults with short bowel syndrome: scoping review

Objective: To review scientific literature related to the consequences of parenteral nutrition provided by health care services in the home…

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Open access, open science and Plan S: its possible repercussion

El monopolio de las grandes editoriales científicas, que concentran una amplísima mayoría de las revistas y las políticas editoriales cada…

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Communicate Science

Communication is essential to the nature and practice of science. The scientists not only to communicate the results to their…

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