Indonesian Journal on Geoscience

The Indonesian Journal on Geoscience was formerly The Indonesian Journal of Geology (Jurnal Geologi Indonesia, ISSN 1907-2953) beginning in year 2006 where some of the papers were still written in the Indonesian language. At its first two years of publication, issued four times annually, it faced difficulties in obtaining good papers for at those years it had not yet got accreditation from the legal authority. But soon after it got that achievement, the journal become one of the most prestigious and credible scientific publication, not only locally, but also nationally. In year 2009, the management of the journal started to cooperate with many related outstanding institutions through the establishment of the journal editorial boards on earthsciences in Indonesia in order to get as many qualified papers as possible. This effort is also for avoiding plagiarism through data exchange among the members of the boards. This has come up with good response from the whole participants. Years after, the spirit to improve the journal to be more credible is increasing, and in 2012 it invited earthscientists in East and Southeast Asia as well as some western countries to join the journal for the editor positions in the Indonesia Journal of Geology. This is also to realize our present goal to internationalize the journal, The Indonesian Journal on Geoscience, which is open for papers of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geodetics, geography, and soil science. This new born journal is expected to be published three times a year, fewer than its predecessor, because nowadays it has many compettitors. As an international publication, of course it must all be written in an international language, in this case English. This adds difficulties to the effort to obtain good papers in English to publish although the credit points that an outhor will get are much higher. It is a challenge for the management of the journal to remain survive and at the same time continuously maintain its quality and credibility inspite of those various constraints. Fortunately, this effort is strongly supported by the Geological Agency of Indonesia, located in Diponegoro street No. 57, Bandung, as the publisher and which financially bear the journal. The email address for this new international journal is: fax/Tel.: +62(22)7213793. Last ut not least the journal is also managed by senior geologist of various subdisciplines from various countries who are responsible for its quality.


Keywords: geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geodetics, geography, and soil science

ISSN: 2355-9314


Subject: Geology

Publisher: geological agency

Year: 2012

Country: Indonesia

Views: 6744 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 1

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