Symposion: Theoretical and Applied Inquiries in Philosophy and Social Sciences

Symposion was published for the first time in 2003, as Symposion – Revistă de științe socio-umane (Symposion – A Journal of Humanities), with the purpose of providing a supportive space for academic communication, dialog, and debate in various research fields in humanities and social sciences. Symposion: Theoretical and Applied Inquiries in Philosophy and Social Sciences shares the same purpose. Its main aim is to promote and provide open access to peer-reviewed, high quality contributions for scholars working in (analytic, continental or eastern) philosophy, other humanities disciplines, or social and political theory (both empirical and normative). The old journal published mainly Romanian papers. The new Symposion is intented to be an international journal, welcoming contributions from around the world written in English, French or German, and only exceptionally in Romanian. Symposion is open for original and innovative contributions in all humanities and social sciences, and will publish with priority papers (articles, discussion notes, review essays or book reviews) in the following research fields: aesthetics and philosophy of art, anthropology, history, and cultural studies, communication and media studies, economics and philosophy of economics, education and social work, epistemology and philosophy of science, metaethics, normative and applied ethics, hermeneutics and rhetoric, history of philosophy, law and philosophy of law, linguistics and philosophy of language, logic, philosophical logic, and philosophy of logic, metaphilosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of mind and cognitive science, philosophy and sociology of religion, psychology and metapsychology, social and political philosophy, social and political sciences. The journal is also available for scholars developing cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary research. Symposion will be a quarterly journal, appearing at the end of January, April, July, and October.


Keywords: philosophy, social sciences, economics, humaninies

ISSN: 1584-174X


Subject: Philosophy

Publisher: Romanian Academy, Iasi; Institute of Economic and Social Research "Gh. Zane"

Year: 2003

Country: Romania

Views: 7374 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 41

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