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European Cooperation

International Collection of scientific proceedings «European Cooperation» founded in 2015 (ISSN (Print) : 2449-7320; ISSN (Online) : 2449-8726) . The founder of the Collection is Consulting Company Consilium Sp. z o.o. registered in Warsaw, Poland. The Collection is publishing 12 issues per year by Consulting Company Consilium Sp. z o.o. The Collection’s Editorial expands the indexation in the international informational and scientometric data bases Google Scholar, ERIH (European Reference index of the Humanities), Index Copernicus, Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory, Research Papers in Economics, Directory of Open Access Journals, EBSCOhost, GetInfo, Research Bible and other. The Collection is oriented for publication the scientific research results of scientists from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Europe and World in Economics, Finances, Engineering (Technical specialties), Philosophy and other. As members of Collection’s Editorial Board are high qualification scientists from the mentioned and other countries, that provides the high level of papers reviewing, allows to publish the research results which will be accessible for wide range of readers all over the World. The aim is to highlight the Collection research papers of the scientists who aim to study the problems of: • Economics; • Modern information technologies; • Management and Marketing in various areas; • Sociology science; • Technical sciences; • Mathematical modeling of the systems and processes in various areas; • Philosophy and Culture; • Psychology and Pedagogic; • Jurisprudence. The main tasks of the Collection are: 1. Methodological – discussion of the contents, problems and prospects of development of the mentioned above scientific areas, analysis of current existing business and demonstration of new methods and approaches for solving the scientific tasks etc. 2. Informational – to provide the results of excellence, professional analytical overviews, information on changes in the law and so on. 3. Forming scientific community – publishing articles of researchers from international scientific space.


Keywords: Social production, categories, economic laws, the economic system, the world economy, goods, services, capital, labour, innovation, the market of goods, services market, capital market, labor market, market innovation, organization of productive forces, organizational-economic mechanism, organizational and economic mechanisms, developing countries, development, natural resources, socio-economic development, demography, labour, social development, financial resources, capital, income, cash funds, monetary system, financial system, credit system, monetary system, institutional infrastructure, public Finance, financial market, insurance market, financial policy of the state, accounting, management accounting, analysis, management analysis, audit, management audit, audit, management audit, financial and economic activities of organizations, financial-economic activity of enterprises, financial and economic activities of banks, bank, banks, banking, Economics, Finance, accounting and audit, models, technology, financial information, economic processes, financial system, financial institutions, development, Economics of enterprises, socio-economic phenomena, socio-economic processes, open software systems, information, information, data, data processing, collection and recording of data, data transfer, data transfer, data storage, database, database, a computer system, the information system, telecommunication system, search engine, programming, software packages, modeling, modeling systems, modeling of computerized systems, design of computerized systems, comp utilizaban systems, robotic systems, complex integrated systems, complex technical systems, complex technical processes, optimization, adaptive automatic control systems, intelligence, intelligent technologies for information processing, enterprise information technology, information security, information protection, evaluation criteria, quality, reliability, survivability, information technologies and systems, decision making, automated systems for various purposes, information communications, intelligent information technology, the latest storage systems, systems of information processing, information storage, systems management, pattern recognition, filtering, recognition, and synthesis of images, decision rules, Internet, Internet technology, search tools, analysis tools, tools filter, means of intellectualization of business processes, provide highly reliable information processing and provide noise immunity data communications, transmission, storage, protection, logic model, semiotic models, information processes, computer systems, specialized computing systems, telecommunication systems, performance evaluation, information services, computerization, the computerization of society, design, advanced technological processes, details, manufacture of parts, manufacture of parts, manufacture of the devices, analysis and synthesis, analysis and synthesis of technological systems, control, control, control and diagnostics, process systems engineering, modeling, design, optimization of technological processes, power load, thermal stress, physical-chemical action, environment, radiation, injury patterns, change of physico-mechanical properties of materials, bearing capacity of structures, evaluation, evaluation, current status, limit state, the development of the degradation process, the development process of destruction of structures, diagnostic and analytical instrumentation, diagnostic and analytical equipment, software, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, operation, repair, engines, engine, power plants, optimization of processes, road transport funds, support, environment, workflows, workflows in aggregates, workflows in units, units, units, functional stability, quality of hire, quality tractors, reliability, reliability of tractors, stage design, stage production, stage of operation, patterns, workflows, working bodies of machines, mechanisms and machine elements, machine, operating mode operating modes, structural parameters, operational parameters, earthworks, construction, road construction machine, road machine for repair, road machines for exploitation, path, airport, road, car lshvetsova complex, forestry, timber industry, wood industry, forecasting, optimization of basic parameters, calculations and machine design, calculations and system design, design, production, testing, class, aircraft, aircraft systems, aircraft, aircraft system, classes of mathematical models, mathematical modeling, mathematical models, numerical analysis, identification of parameters, mathematical models, algorithms, discrete tasks, stability, convergence, mathematical problems, discrete model, numerical simulation, computational aspects, computational algorithms, theory of errors, data processing, approximation of functions, minimization of functions, acceleration of convergence, recurrence relations, parallel computing, differential equations, integral equations, difference equations, generalizations, probability theory, algebraic structures, topological structure, metric structure, fractal structure, theory of probability distributions, limit theorems, stochastic geometry, theory of random sets, theory of stochastic processes, correlation theory, spectral theory, random processes, stationary processes, Markov processes, stochastic analysis, theory of stochastic differential equations, theory of random operators, stochastic integral equations, theory of statistical decisions, the adequacy and information, estimation theory, theory of testing hypotheses, nonparametric statistics, multivariate analysis, sequential analysis, statistics, statistics of random processes, stochastic models of systems, Queuing theory, reliability theory, stochastic models, financial mathematics, information theory, mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, theory of algorithms, management, planning, forecasting, management, crisis management, personnel management, customers, products, markets, marketing research, information technology management, industrial marketing, marketing strategy, marketing communications, marketing management, technology leadership, risk management, governance, innovation management, Bank management, financial management, industrial management, human resources, performance evaluation, competitiveness, staff motivation, enhanced safety, control and monitoring, management structure, marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing strategy of the institution, mind, mental processes, activity, pedagogical psychology, consciousness, unconscious, psychoanalysis, behavior, economic psychology, psychology of management, conflict studies, psychology of personality, self-actualization, self-realization, mental status, communication, stress, competence, education, teaching, learning, education, education, teaching methods, learning, innovative teaching methods, ontology, epistemology, anthropology, axiology, hermeneutics, social philosophy, philosophy of culture, scientific knowledge, human existence, the meaning of life, freedom, spirituality, values, gender, consciousness, culture, information culture, corporate culture, civilization, traditions, communication, ideology, crisis, global issues, consumption, globalization, futurology, postindustrial society, the information society, the progress of society, society, personality, socialization, identity, social structure, social inequality, deviant behavior, social mobility, conflict, communicative action, the nation, mass, elite, social change, social development, forecasting, power, public opinion, PR-technologies, international edition, international journal, publication in an international journal, science metric base, publication of articles, scientific journal, collection of articles, articles on Economics, articles on technology, articles on philosophy, mathematical articles, articles on mathematical modeling

ISSN: 2449-7320


Subject: Business and Management

Publisher: Consulting Company Consilium Sp. z o.o.

Year: 2015

Country: Poland

Views: 3950 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 116


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