Revista Clio América

Interdisciplinary Journal in Social sciences applied to the Economy, Business and Company The journal Clio America is a half-yearly publication edited by the University of Magdalen, who publishes articles approved by its previous publishing committee arbitration, in order to assure the quality of its contents. It is a publication directed to Businessmen, Teachers and Students interested by the topics related with the Disciplines of Investigation of the thematic areas of the Journal on a global scale, likewise, to all the members of the programs of Mastery and Doctorates of the Universities, Which want to contribute to the diffusion and confrontation of knowledge in order to stimulate the advance of the intellectual production in the areas of economy, business and the topics of a company


Keywords: Ciencias Sociales, Economía, Negocios, Empresa

ISSN: 1909-941X


Subject: Social Sciences

Publisher: Oscar Humberto García Vargas

Year: 2007

Country: Colombia

Views: 2098 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 149

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