quest. issues in contemporary jewish history

Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History is an open acces scholarly journal published twice a year and dedicated to the history of the Jewish experience, in all its manifestations from the 18th century up until today. It adheres to the BOAI statement; all materials are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Submissions are free, with no fees or APCs (Article Processing Charges) to be paid by prospective authors. Quest publishes essays and articles on different aspects of Jewish history, reviews of published works and debates on important contributions to scholarship. The journal was created in Italy but it aims to provide a platform connecting diverse cultural and accademic settings, creating a place of encounter and serene but rigorous discussion between Italian, European, Israeli and American scholarship. Quest thus wants to be an instrument of research, communication and debate, operating at an international level. For this reason it is entirely published in English and it has opted for the free open access philosophy. Questis thus a journal devoted to historical research and historiographical debate on Jewish life and history in the period comprised between the mid-18th and the beginning of the 21st century. It wants to be inclusive of all Jewish realities as they developed in the modern period at a global level. From a thematic perspective, Quest covers a diverse array of topics: the Jewish enlightenment and emancipation, the old “nation of the Jews” and the new “State of the Jews”, the traditional religious and the new secular identities, Jewish communal life and intra-Jewish solidarity as well as relations between Jews and other religious, ethnic or national communities. Questis also a forum for research on Zionism and anti-Zionism, the Shoah and its memory, Jewish modernity and modern antisemitism. To sum up, Quest is open to the political, cultural, religious and institution al history of Jewish communities and societies, and to Jewish means of social, political and cultural expression, to be investigated in their specific contexts.


Keywords: Jewish History, Ant-Semitism, Holocaust, Memory

ISSN: 2037-741X


Subject: History

Publisher: Fondazione CDEC - Milano

Year: 2010

Country: Italy

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