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Archaeology Magazine has open access, which means that the published materials are available free to readers. The open access assumes that readers are allowed to download, quote, and distribute papers published in the Journal, but with observance of copyrights – indicating sources and authors for quotations, without permission of the editorial board and authors. The author(s) retain publishing rights without restrictions The first issue of Archaeology Magazine appeared in 1993 under the auspices of the Institute of Archaeology and Ancient History of the ASM. The second issue was printed after five years in 1998. It was only after another seven years, namely in 2005, that a new series of Archaeology Magazine was initiated and published under the auspices of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography. In the following year, as result of a new reorganization, the Journal is already published by the Archaeology Centre of the Institute of Cultural Heritage, a tradition that continues to this day. The mission of the Magazine is the publication of scientific papers. Typically, materials are in Romanian, but also in other languages of international circulation and have a specific structure for such publications. It contains the following basic compartments: Studies; Papers and Surveys; Discussions; in which novel materials, synthesis, new approaches and directions in research are included, as well as materials generating new theories or supplementing the existing ones. The compartment Interdisciplinary Surveys occupies a special place containing materials and research in related sciences but feasible to archaeology, such as Anthropology, Archaeozoology (Zooarchaeology), Pedo-archaeology, Archaeobotany, etc. Latest editorial publications in the field can be found in the compartment Paper and Book Reviews. The Archaeology Magazine also contains rubrics In Honorem devoted to paying homage to distinguished archaeologists, and In Memoriam, where passed-away colleagues are commemorated. Scientific life compartment can also be found in the Journal, which presents information on the scientific events organized by the Archaeology Centre. In addition, we mention the good quality of the graphics support, which aims at illustrating and complementing the presented information. Thematically, the submitted materials are quite extensive both in chronological – from prehistory to the Middle Ages, and regional terms – reflecting the archaeology of the current territory of the Republic of Moldova and the neighbouring areas. The studies are carried out not only by renowned specialists, but also by young researchers from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, etc.


Keywords: archaeology, Anthropology, Archaeozoology (Zooarchaeology), Pedo-archaeology, Archaeobotany

ISSN: 1857-016X


Subject: History

Publisher: Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Year: 1993

Country: Moldova

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