The aim of Inferensi is to publish original articles concerning statistical theories and novel applications in diverse research fields related to statistics and data science. The objective of papers should be to contribute to the understanding of the statistical methodology and/or to develop and improve statistical methods; any mathematical theory should be directed towards these aims; and any approach in data science. The kinds of contribution considered include descriptions of new methods of collecting or analysing data, with the underlying theory, an indication of the scope of application and preferably a real example. Also considered are comparisons, critical evaluations and new applications of existing methods, contributions to probability theory which have a clear practical bearing (including the formulation and analysis of stochastic models), statistical computation or simulation where the original methodology is involved and original contributions to the foundations of statistical science. It also sometimes publishes review and expository articles on specific topics, which are expected to bring valuable information for researchers interested in the fields selected. The journal contributes to broadening the coverage of statistics and data analysis in publishing articles based on innovative ideas. The journal is also unique in combining traditional statistical science and relatively new data science. All articles are refereed by experts.


Keywords: Statistics, Inference, Data Science, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics

ISSN: 0216-308X


Subject: Mathematics

Publisher: Department of Statistics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

Year: 2018

Country: Indonesia

Views: 1166 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 14

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