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MultiAtual Magazine is a publication of the MultiAtual Educacional Group, aimed at disseminating and reflecting on different scientific productions such as: proposals, experiences and experiences of teachers, researchers, students, writers and all employees interested in debating subjects related to Education. The aim of this publication is to encourage, support and collaborate with innovative practices related to the teaching-learning process in the educational field, in the sense of adding value to the different works developed by different authors and under the democratic bias. Monthly, several scientific productions are published that collaborate with the discussion between researchers and other professionals from the various areas of knowledge. The magazine presents texts and articles sent by researchers and authors from all regions of Brazil.


Keywords: Educação, Multidisciplinar



Subject: Education

Publisher: Grupo MultiAtual Educacional

Year: 2020

Country: Brazil

Views: 850 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 518

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