Journal of Research in Atmospheric Science (JRAS)

We take the air we breathe in as granted until it presents itself to us not as a suitable environment to live in, such as being polluted to breathe in, or thin enough not to get enough oxygen in high altitudes above sea level. In a larger picture, we also take the atmosphere that encompasses all gases and simply call them as air, as granted and don’t appreciate its important place in our lives until it manifests its existence to us as a problem. For example, the atmosphere may create havoc in our lives through, for example, causing snowstorms, floods through heavy downpours in squall lines, tornadoes in supercell storms and in hurricanes over a larger scale phenomenon, in addition to many other related mechanisms, such as carrying pollution downwind that may adversely affect our lives. If such events occur, then we appreciate the importance of the atmosphere in our lives. To understand how atmospheric motions, originate and evolve in time, atmospheric scientists study it using many scientific disciplines, including atmospheric dynamics, fluid mechanics, mathematics, thermodynamics, statistics and computer science. An atmospheric scientist spends typically years to come with some plausible results in his/her studies to understand the behavior of atmosphere. Yet, if he/she cannot find a suitable publication platform to disseminate his/her research results, the scientific work stays locked in where it is studied. Hence, the results of that scientific work cannot find a way to get shared with other scientists around the world and cannot be helpful to other scientists while the scientist who studied it cannot get a feedback from other scientists to improve his/her understanding of the study conducted in return, either. An atmospheric scientist who studies an aspect of atmosphere and already has some results may face various obstacles in publishing his/her results on a suitable journal with a hope to reach to a broader scientific audience, including not being able to find a suitable scientific platform for various reasons. As the “Journal of Research in Atmospheric Science”, hereafter JRAS, we would like to offer one more publishing platform into the list of already available platforms to atmospheric scientists who wish to submit their research results. We also need to mention that we don’t limit the scientific research to only atmospheric science since atmospheric science requires the knowledge, understanding and use of other important scientific disciplines as mentioned above. Therefore, if your main research involves an interaction with atmosphere, then we encourage you to communicate with us to try to publish your research results at JRAS. For example, you may be an ocean scientist who studies the impact of ocean currents in gyres on atmospheric motions in marine boundary layer, or the impact of sea surface temperature on atmospheric flow near the surface over the ocean while the core of the research is ocean science. We would like to encourage you to submit your manuscript to JRAS to allow you to reach both atmospheric and oceanic science community as well as scientists in other relevant disciplines to tell them what you have done as well as get a feedback from them. As another example, you may be a computer scientist who doesn’t have meteorology background but writes computer codes to study the turbulence within and around a forest fire regime. We would like to encourage you to submit your manuscript to our journal JRAS to allow you to be able to reach a broader science community in many disciplines that can give you feedback as well as use your results in their studies. The JRAS is an open publishing platform for atmospheric scientists to submit their research results. It has begun its publishing life only recently to share the studies in atmospheric sciences with a larger atmospheric science community. The articles in the journal will be published twice a year, in June and December. We encourage all atmospheric scientists to submit their research results to JRAS as we offer our best in trying to publish your results. In the meantime, we also welcome suggestions from you to improve ourselves to get better in becoming a good scientific publishing tool for research in atmospheric science. Finally, we also need to let you know an important point, such that, you, as a researcher, are responsible for your own research and your results, and we make no promise to publish your results, but will do our best to publish good quality research. Furthermore, we also have a right to refuse to publish any manuscript that is in contrary to our understanding and/or policy or due to misuse or intention to misuse this scientific journal for a different gain. We accept no liability for the research that are either published or not published for any reason.


Keywords: Meteorology, atmosphere, climate, air pollution

ISSN: 0000-0000


Subject: Environmental Sciences

Publisher: Asos Eğitim Bilişim Danışmanlık

Year: 2019

Country: Turkey

Views: 729 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 366

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