Revista Científica Multidisciplinar Núcleo do Conhecimento

A Núcleo do Conhecimento, é uma Revista Científica multidisciplinar, eletrônica, de acesso gratuito, de periodicidade mensal.


Keywords: Management, Naval Administration, Agronomy, Architecture, Art, Biology, Computer science, Science of Religion, Aeronautical Sciences, Social Sciences, Communication, Accounting, Education, PE, Agricultural engineering, Environmental engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer engineering, Production engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical engineering, Ethic, Philosophy, Physics, Gastronomy, Geography, History, Law, Letters, Literature, Marketing, Math, Environment, Meteorology, Nutrition, Dentistry, Pedagogy, Psychology, Chemistry, Health, Sociology, Technology, Theology, Tourism, Veterinary, Zootechnics

ISSN: 2448-0959


Subject: Multidisciplinary

Publisher: Revista Científica Multidisciplinar Núcleo do Conhecimento

Year: 2016

Country: Brazil

Views: 8889 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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