SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education

Sagacity is the capacity for astute or sound judgment. Because the adjective practical is often used to qualify wisdom, it is easily assumed that thinking and good judgment are different, even antithetical in relation to wisdom. Yet this assumption would scuttle the wisdom of astute or sound judgment within life. Sagacity is possible because we can think. Thinking is the impetus to engage human existence with honest intelligence as a fulcrum by which we undertake numerous activities with creativity, purpose and integrity. Without such leverage, we could only make arbitrary decisions based on momentary impulses and reactions; our activities, as to whether these are worthwhile or have enduring outcomes, would be uncertain or capricious. Sagacity is astute engagement with human existence that can both test ideas through purposeful activity and modify previous propensities through thoughtful reflection.


Keywords: Biblical theology Systematic Theology Applied Theology Christian Education Humanities and Local Wisdom



Subject: Education

Publisher: Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Sangkakala & Sekolah Tinggi Jemaat Kristus Indonesia

Year: 2020

Country: Indonesia

Views: 2253 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 499

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