The scientific quarterly Ostium is a peer-reviewed open access journal within the scope of Arts & Humanities including philosophy, psychology, history, history of art, etc. Since the origin of the journal in 2005, the main aim of it is to publish creditable scientific papers. That is why all articles received are anonymously peer-reviewed by two reviewers (scholars in a discipline). The reviewer’s references are the most essential indicator of the article’s publishability for the editorial team. In the journal, papers are divided into three categories and several sections: The first and main category corresponds with the scientific part of the journal. In this part, there are published scientific articles, essays, significant individual’s profiles, specialized translations and scientific book reviews. In addition, sometimes there is attached a special section called Supplementum (miscellaneous different types of texts). The second category—Art & Critique—is generally reserved for articles about art and literature. This category is divided into several sections, too, according to the type of papers. The third category is InfoScience, which includes short reports from scientific the world.


Keywords: issn:13366556,Schola Philosophica,Ostium,Slovakiajournal

ISSN: 13366556


Subject: Arts & Humanities

Publisher: Schola Philosophica

Year: 2005

Country: Slovakia

Views: 8474 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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