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Azmî-zâde Hâletî’nin Dervis Pasa Hicviyyesi: Hadd-i Mestân (Azmi-zade Haleti's Satire About Dervis Pasa: Hadd-i Mestân )

Satires come out of the mergence of the poet's imagination and the emontions such as rage, hatred, will to ridicule,…

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Teknolojik geli?meler sayesinde elde edilen veriler hayat?m?zda birçok de?i?ikli?in olu?mas?na neden olmaktad?r. 1920’li y?llarda e?itim ortamlar?nda giren bilgisayarlar?n kullan?m amaçlar?nda…

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The Effect of Perceived Abusive Management of Workers to Their Performance and the Role of Emotional Intelligence on This Effect

In this research it is evaluated the effect of perceived abusive management of workers to their performance and the role…

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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Perception on The Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

Corporate social responsibility activities influence the stakeholders in the first place, hence the employees, one of the vital stakeholders of…

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The Important of the Usage of Information Technology during the Local Services: Special Provincial Administration of K?r?ehir

The development of information and communication technologies has accelerated public service delivery through the application of information technologies in the…

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Testing of Companies’ Financial Performance in the BIST - Tourism Sector

Financial performance of companies in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST)- Tourism sector are tested comparatively by using ELECTRE and TOPSIS…

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General Overview On Poverty: The Sample of OECD Countries

Poverty, as a significant threat to humans all over the world, has been enhancing because of the fact that there…

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and The Application to The Copper Sector

This study presents firstly Environmental Management and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The certification process of ISO 14001 EMS is described…

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An Analyse The Market?ng M?x Elements Effect The Consumers Who Buy Fast Mov?ng Consumer Goods And The Expected Benef?ts Of Buy?ng Goods: An Invest?gat?on In I?d?r

The purpose of research is to analyze the marketing mix elements effect the consumers who buy fast moving consumer goods…

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Performance Evaluation of Sub-manufacturing Sectors Using TOPSIS and ELECTRE Methods

Performance analysis is defined as a process of collecting, analyzing and reporting data systematically and regularly for a business to…

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